NBA 2K20 Price and Release Date

Date: 2019-06-11 01:53:18

Dwyane Wade is expected to feature on the cover of NBA 2K20
Dwyane Wade is expected to feature on the cover of NBA 2K20

NBA 2019 Finals is approaching, and so are the details of NBA 2K20 on the web. Even though 2K Studios is trying to maintain secrecy, a large number of leaks are creeping on the internet. Further, the "Legends Edition" will feature Dwayne Wade on the cover. The leak comes way of Reddit, where somebody posted a screenshot of what looks like some promotional material for the game. Unfortunately, the leak doesn't contain any further details, but the basketball sim is once again coming to the Nintendo console.

No official word has been given regarding the exact release date of NBA 2K20, however, a recent leak suggests that it's set to hit stores on September 6. Meanwhile, EA, who develop their very own NBA game, NBA Live, are also expected to provide details on their latest venture at E3 2019.

As we have mentioned earlier, NBA 2K20 will have two editions: Standard Edition and a Legend Edition. Reports hint the price of the standard version to be $59.99, and Legend Edition will cost $99.99.

NBA 2K19 provided gamers with an altogether underwhelming experience, forcing the developers into making significant changes in the upcoming release. The developer of NBA 2K20, like always, will add some fan-favorite features to the game.
We're now less than three months away from the NBA 2K20 release. It means the time has come to focus on possible gameplay features, wishlists, and the announcement of the cover athlete. We update the most reliable news to share with you, welcome to follow our news.