NBA 2K20 Officially Hits Consoles With New Trailer, Special Cover Feature

Date: 2019-09-09 03:41:44

The wait is finally over, as 2K's newest basketball simulation title, NBA 2K20 officially hits consoles. In conjunction with the NBA 2K20 release date, 2K unveiled a brand new trailer to promote the game. In addition, there's a special cover feature that users can unlock on mobile. The magic of Snapchat technology is also built into the NBA 2K20 cover. Based on a tweet that arrived on the NBA 2K20 release date, anyone who has the Snapchat app on their mobile phone can use a special Snapcode to bring the cover to life.

Release date is officially Friday, September 6, 2019. Gamers are already unpacking the game from the box or downloading and launching it on their systems of choice. It's now available for purchase, download, and install through PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo Store, or Steam for PCs.

But NBA 2K20 came out late last week and it's already getting review bombed by users on Steam and Metacritic. In the case of NBA 2K20, the review bombing is largely a response to the game's aggressive use of microtransactions. Although, due to some minor shortcomings, the whole project lost some points. But more than any other aspect of the game, the NBA 2K20 offers the best court experience in years. The depth of NBA 2K20 is beyond what you'll find in most any game, especially sports titles.