Path of Exile: Development Plan for 2020

The Path of Exile team just issued a simple development plan for next year. It is also mentioned in the article that what is not shown in the ExileCon Act One demonstration will probably be available for public beta afte...

Date: 2020-01-14 15:28:34


Path Of Exile Announces Talent Competition

Exile, do you have a hidden talent? Can you make Path of Exile-themed content with this talent? Now is your time to shine! Now they are launching a big all-inclusive Path of Exile Talent Competition! Your talent could be...

Date: 2020-01-14 15:21:07


ESO Undaunted Event Returning January 9: Earn New Rewards & Glory Doring The Undaunted Celebration

Who knows no fear of beast or blade? The Undaunted Celebration event is back! Clear dungeons to earn bonus rewards and Event Tickets. We are Undaunted! With the recent implementation of several fixes for the Activity ...

Date: 2020-01-08 17:02:19


Star Trek Online PC Patch Notes for 1/7/20

Event Campaign I – Part 3(Final Event!): This will be the final event that will participate in this Campaign, marking your last chance at receiving its reward. Event Campaigns are a new multi-event system w...

Date: 2020-01-08 16:35:53


Black Desert Online Patch Notes - 24th December 2019

Welcome to the last maintenance of 2019! We have added Chat Groups where you can talk about your common interest in detail with your fellow adventurers. In addition, guild registration became easier, so it’s time ...

Date: 2019-12-26 17:14:44


Elder Scrolls Online Outlines December Performance Improvements

December performance improvements have been outlined for Elder Scrolls Online in their latest community update. Here's what took place in Q4 2019 with Update 24: Memory management overhaul and behind-the-scenes c...

Date: 2019-12-26 16:49:47


Path of Exiles Polaris Mystery Box soundtrack is out for free

Path of Exiles Polaris Mystery Box soundtrack is out for free now. In a post on their site, the team discusses their decision, "Last week we released the new Polaris Mystery Box. Designed in a futuristic style, th...

Date: 2019-12-26 16:43:36


Give A Gift, Get A Gift Event

This holiday, give the gift that keeps on giving! It's the most wonderful time of the year! There'll be much giving and getting when you send your in-game pals treats from the Hongmoon Store—in return Bl...

Date: 2019-12-17 15:12:48


Final Fantasy XIV Launches Free Login Event Now Through January 14

FINAL FANTASY XIV continues to grow with the latest patch bringing a wealth of new quests and challenges for adventurers to overcome. The Free Login Campaign gives the perfect opportunity to jump straight back into the a...

Date: 2019-12-16 10:21:26


Black Desert 12/11 Extended Technical Maintenance

There will be an extended maintenance for Black Desert Playstation 4 this Wednesday. This is a significant change to the back end servers of Black Desert. Black Desert Online will be performing this update fir...

Date: 2019-12-10 11:15:56