Arena of Valor Ranked Match 2.0

Date: 2020-05-12 08:41:36

In Arena of Valor, the ranked match system has always been the most popular system with the highest usage. To offer players a better game experience, we went through the game functionalities and realized that it's been a while since we last introduced new content to the ranked match system. After we reviewed your feedback on ranked matches, we decided to introduce a great number of changes to the ranked match system to improve your ranked match experience. We've made some improvements to the contents in this version, but you can expect to see more in subsequent updates.

Arena of Valor Ranked Match 2.0

Improved Ranked Match UI
- Behind the changes:
We noticed that the current ranked match UI is relatively outdated. By improving the artwork presentation together with more refined artistry in the scenes, we hope the revamped ranked match system UI will offer players a new and fresh experience.
We will revamp the ranked match system by enveloping the scenes with better artwork display. You can also expect to see a better presentation of the skin effects in this season.
We have re-organized the system entry positions of the same functions such as the "Legendary Zone", "Hero Proficiency", "Recent", and "Season Results". The entries for these four functions are now placed in a menu in the lower-left corner of the screen where players can expand the menu to view the relevant functions.
To enable players to quickly understand their current tiers, we have also integrated the display of Tiers and Brave Points as these two functions are closely related.

New System - Hero Challenge
- Behind the changes:
Ranked Match is always the top popular game mode for players. Once the Placement for the new season is completed, players will each receive a Hero Challenge Card that indicates the ranking goal that the system has set for the individual player in the new season. The challenge rewards are not the only things that players can expect. We will offer assistance to help players complete the challenge. Let's get to the top together!

System Rules:
The challenge goal for each player varies with the player's performance in the previous season. Players who perform better last season will receive more ambitious goals.
The player succeeds when the challenge is completed within the specified time. Otherwise, the player has failed.
During the challenge, players will get an extra star when they have accumulated a certain number of victories.
When the player collects the maximum number of stars for a tier for the first time, the stars continue to stay with the player even when the player fails the next round of challenge (not valid for players at Legendary tier).
Players will receive the corresponding rewards for each stage once the challenge is completed.

New Reward - Placement Completion Reward
- Behind the changes:
Placement is designed to help players score faster at the start of the new season. In this update, we improved the grading process of some placement matches and will reward those players who completed the placement matches accordingly.
New Rewards:
Players will receive a certain amount of gold once they have completed the placement matches.
In addition to the Placement Completion Award and the "Season Challenge" award, we've prepared other exciting ranked match rewards for players in this season. What are you waiting for? Hurry! Head now to the ranked matches and score.