NBA 2K20 Inks Partnership with Zion Williamson, Releases Trailer

Date: 2019-07-31 02:29:53

On Tuesday (July 30), a new video called "Welcome to the Next" arrived from NBA 2K. The trailer shows Williamson's in-game render along with highlights, and if you're a fan of the game and the young phenom, it will undoubtedly get you hyped. Prior to this new video’s release, the most gamers saw of Zion was simply the back of his New Orleans Pelicans' jersey. There were a few glimpses of other stars in action, but not a whole lot of NBA 2K20 gameplay footage.

NBA 2K20 Inks Partnership with Zion Williamson, Releases Trailer

When the NBA season begins in October, many will be watching rookie Zion Williamson. Although he is not the cover star of NBA 2K20, he is undoubtedly an outstanding figure in the upcoming games.

It's unclear what Williamson's partnership with 2K will entail. I'd love to see him get some sort of exclusive MyTeam card, in-game advertisements or even a special cover. While I still think it's a travesty a rookie is rated higher than Derrick Rose, Williamson's appeal is undeniable.

Zion Williamson pops up in new NBA 2K20 gameplay footage

2K is well aware of Williamson's enormous influence and may also be aware of rumors that EA is trying to sign him up in a similar deal for the once-again shaky NBA Live 20 franchise. Signing Williamson was a big deal for EA, but those rumors never materialized. EA is rumored to want Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic as its cover star.

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