The NHL 20 Is Expected To Be The Most Innovative Sport Of The Year

Date: 2019-10-24 05:59:30

Of the four major sports, professional ice hockey, which has video game franchises on multiple consoles, is probably the least popular. The NFL has a sizable audience, Madden is the longest-tenured in current sports, the NBA has taken over social media, and FIFA is the most recognizable sport in the world. Based on these cultural sports, games like Madden, FIFA and NBA 2K should be a lot of popular games in the market because the fan base already exists, but that's not the case. 2K is still a good game, but it knows what it needs to do to sell, but it doesn't do much more. The same is true of FIFA, where the recent launch of FIFA 20 was not as well received as the previous year's FIFA 19. And Madden is getting worse every year. This year's Madden 20 is not good enough. In the crowded world of sports gaming, EA's NHL franchise has found a way to outdo its competitors and easily launch the best game of all, the NHL 20.

The NHL 20 Is Expected To Be The Most Innovative Sport Of The Year

In the latest installment, for the developers behind the NHL, they want a game that everyone can enjoy, regardless of whether they have sports experience or not.

If you don't know anything about hockey, this game looks complicated. Complex controls and complex rules may discourage people from buying hockey games. EA is well aware of this and has done a lot of preliminary work in the NHL 20 to address these concerns.

The "World of Chel" model gives every NHL 20 player a chance to compete and have fun. In this mode, you can create characters that can be customized with different power loads (a la Call of Duty), outfits and equipment. You can get equipment by constantly completing your goals, or you can pay for additional loot, but this is far from a system of winning money. You can buy all the equipment in the world with NHL 20 Coins, but many of the best pieces in the game are not available and can only be earned through competition and competitions. This provides a level playing field for everyone and avoids the pitfalls of virtual currency in other games.

The "World of Chel" mode gives every single player who picks up NHL 20 an opportunity to be competitive and have fun. In this mode, you have a created character that you can customize with different ability loadouts (a la Call of Duty), outfits, and equipment. You can pay to get added swag or just play through ever-changing objectives to get gear-bags, but this is far from a pay to win system. You can buy all the gear in the world and it won't make your player any better, it just makes you look fun. Honestly, a lot of the best pieces in the game can't be bought, only earned through tournaments and games. This keeps the playing field even for everyone, avoiding the virtual currency pitfalls plaguing other franchises.

The NHL 20 Is Expected To Be The Most Innovative Sport Of The Year

Both new and experienced players can play in the NHL 20. Control is easy to get and really conquer once you get enough practice. The graphics and effects of all game modes are perfectly fluid and never feel stiff or out of date. From top to bottom, the game is enjoyable.

No matter how familiar you are with hockey, even if you've never played a second of an NHL game, you'll have fun with the NHL 20. It's an irresistible sporting adventure, and it's hard to put "one more game" into your everyday vocabulary.

NHL 20 is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.