Israeli Power Company Asks Fortnite to Cancel Pole Climbing

Date: 2019-06-15 08:54:26

The game is a virtual world, and the average player is basically able to distinguish the difference between the virtual world and the real world. Perhaps, very few people can't distinguish; the Israel Electric Power Company (IEC) wrote a letter to Fortnite official for these special cases, requesting to adjust the settings in the game.

Fortnite has a lot of fans and high popularity around the world and the game has designed many unique mechanisms for players to have a rich gaming experience. However, recently the Israel Electric Power Company (IEC) is concerned that certain mechanisms in the game will lead to people's imitation in real life, specially wrote to Epic games to adjust the settings in the game, they hope that the game would not allow players to climb electric poles!

The letter mentions: IEC has invested a lot of resources in order to educate people not to climb poles, but Epic game has added this setting to the game, which is obviously a negative publicity on this topic. Therefore, they asked Epic games to make adjustments to the behavior of climbing poles in the game.

The IEC also said in its letter,  'As a leading international gaming company, you are responsible for the personal safety of your consumers.'  As such, the power company has called on Epic to scrub all 'dangerous content that encourages life-risking situations related to the use of electricity, such as climbing poles and public lighting facilities.'

This is obviously not a joke, the article was issued by Oren Helman, senior vice president of the IEC. However, he seems to have forgotten that art works would have been different from the real world. One of the reasons why games are fun is that players can do anything in the game that they can't do in real life. For most players, it should be possible to distinguish the difference between reality and game.

The above events are ridiculous. According to the logic of IEC, are all the shooting games or fantasy games on the market should be adjusted? I don't know who can't tell the difference between reality and game.