Beginner Leveling Guide for Path of Exile

Date: 2019-05-10 09:04:25

Whether you want incredibly skilled effects, a highly professional career, or a highly free trading mechanism, Path of Exile can meet all your needs. Path of Exile must be on the 100th level, and the 100th level on the BOSS has a chance to drop the mirror. In the game of PoE, if you want to practice a 100-level character, you need not only technology but also perseverance and mentality. The resurrection mechanism of the national service is a good mechanism for newcomers, even if the strength is not enough, the equipment is not good enough. It is also possible to use the Resurrection Coin to go up to level 96, but it is not necessary to start the resurrection of coins from the 96th level. The following is the Beginner Leveling Guide for Path of Exile.

1. Map selection

Each season has a special leveling skill, but there are things that don't change, such as the experience required upgrading. From the beginning of the 96th level, the experience given by the map has become less pitiful. Although the pioneer map has a lot of experience, but the price is high in the early stage, the leveling up efficiency is not high. Therefore, I suggest you use the legendary map of the Temple of Sorrows to speed up the upgrade. The reason is that this map provides 150% experience bonus, and the number of monsters and routes are better, basically every 2 minutes. The hourly experience can reach more than 30 million (99 levels).

2. The importance of the Halo Master Chief

What does a team's Halo Master Chief do? The Halo Master Chief, as its name suggests, is to provide teammates with a gain BUFF, and to provide a decreasing BUFF to the monster. It usually provides 3 element resistance and high shield. With the support of the equipment, it will also provide 3 elements of the aura of injury, so that the output and defense of teammates have a huge improvement, while providing a curse aura to the monster, creating a good output environment for teammates.

Those are the two ways to level up quickly in PoE, if you have better PoE tips for leveling up, you can share with us!