World of Warplanes: WoWp Gold, Tokens and the way to Leave a Clan

Date: 2019-05-10 09:13:39

For new beginners, some knowledge about World of Warplanes is necessary. Here, we sum up some must-knows in WoW, which will help you to know better about the WoWp gold, tokens and the way to Leave a WOWp Clan.

World of Warplanes Gold is an in-game currency, which you can buy WoWp Gold with, cheapest price with safe and fast delivery. In this gameplay, World of Warplanes Gold plays a vital role. You can use them to do the following things:

1). Buy Premium Account, and then you can get 50% more experience and credits per battle.

2). Exchange for credits.

3). Premium Aircraft are only available for gold.

4). Crew Training.

5). Buy Additional Hangar Slots.

Now, you may understand the importance of WoW Gold, and another currency – World of Warplane Tokens also plays an important role in this gameplay.

Tokens are a unique in-game currency exclusively for World of Warplanes you can earn or purchase during special events. If you want to get tokens, you need to complete all three levels of each daily battle mission. The number of tokens received depends on the complexity of the battle mission and can amount to 1, 2 or 3 tokens or by Getting any Epic Medal or Service Award for the first time in a day. Tokens can be used to skip the Specialist status unlock missions to get you that Specialist aircraft even sooner.

Another World of Warplanes for beginners is how to leave a clan. Clans are ongoing military unions of players created for co-operative accomplishment of military missions, geopolitical games, or just for fun. So, how to leave a clay in WoWp?

Step 1: Log into the World of Warships Client (Before you start this process, please make sure you are in a clan)

Step 2: Click on the Clan Tab at the top right

Step 3: Click on the clan name and choose: "Leave Clan", then you make it successfully.

Finally, this news is our generous tips for beginners in World of Warplanes. If you want to play well with WoWp, these in-game factors are indispensable. Before you start the game, just make yourself equipped with enough WoWp tokens and gold to speed up your process of the game and enhance your adventure.