ArcheAge Guide: How to get an ArcheAge Mount and Level Up Them

Date: 2019-06-12 08:41:20

ArcheAge has a pet system with pets being bought as babies and trained to grow into mounts or battle companions. A mount will help you for fast traveling and moving trade packs quickly. In this article, we will tell you the types of mounts and the ways to get them & how to level up your mounts.

Types of ArcheAge Mounts:

There are four types of mounts in ArcheAge, including flying mounts, ground mounts, vehicle skin mounts and water mounts. Each mounts have their own health bar, stats, experience amount and level, slots for equipment and collision. You can ride your mount or have them follow you as you run around. Mounts also have different abilities that are gained as they level and can be used while you’re riding. They can also be attacked by hostile NPCs or players, to prevent you from escaping.

How to get ArcheAge Mounts?

1). Completing Quests

For players, you can have one or more mounts all over the game world. You can gain the first mount by completing the early quests.

Horse: The Nuian Race can obtain them by the default quest.

Snow Lion: The Firrans can gain by the default quest and other races can purchased them.

Elk: The Elf race is obtainable by the default quest mount.

Leomorph: The Harani race can gain them by the quest obtained.

2). Buy Mounts from Merchant

In general, if you want to more, you have to get a mount babies. Then you need breed them until they grow up, which is quite important part.

Donkey: It is one of the fastest pack animals in game.

Sled Cow: You can purchase the fairly novel mount on Mirage Island..

Tiger: It costs honor points.

How to level up ArcheAge Mounts?

Each mount is an independent NPC with its own characteristics and level. You can increase its level by traveling on it and by summoning it during combat. When you level it up your pet gets extra health, mana, skills and access to special armor. The armor looks great and it’s not just visual decoration – it gives additional protection and increases survivability.

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