The Echoes of Hiram Is Now Live In Archeage

Date: 2019-06-27 09:46:22

Can you hear the Echoes of Hiram rising in between the snow-covered mountain slopes? ArcheAge launched its latest updated today titled Echoes of Hiram which introduces the following to the game:

New zone - Eastern Hiram

  • Increased Ancestral level cap increase from 34 to 55
  • New Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment (along with new daily quests to obtain them)
  • New Abyssal Library armor sets, and new awakened Erenor gear and new achievements for collecting pets.

Get to know more about the Hall of Warriors and why the torches are lit once again. However, don't assume it will be smooth sailing, the Abyssal Legion is closer than you think.

Great treasures are waiting with this update. Are you already prepared for the new Glorious Hiram Guardian gear? Daily quests and fighting wild beasts in Eastern Hiram Mountains will provide you with more items to awaken your Radiant Hiram Guardian gear!

Discover more about the legends of Hiram and face new dangerous monsters, a new Zone, new Items and much more!