New ArcheAge Wardrobe Items Available Through November 28

Date: 2019-11-19 10:28:36

From now until November 28th, 2019 you can have the opportunity to update your wardrobe with new lavish threads in ArcheAge!

New ArcheAge Wardrobe Items Available Through November 28

ArcheAge Free-to-Play Marketplace Update:

The Perfect Disguises 
Change up your style with these costume packages! Each package comes with 3 stunning costumes to sneak around as a secret agent or to look just like Harani royalty, making both these packs a triple threat! 

Haranyan Luxury Costume Package – 4000 Credits 
Werefox Robes
Alabaster Perinoor Silks 
Midnight Perinoor Cottons 

Secret Agent Costume Pack – 2600 Credits 
Chimera Agent Uniform 
Eclipse Knight Costume 
Inquisitor's Robes

Getting Spotted 
Sink your claws into the Wrapped Leopard Undergarments for the perfect balance of cute and practical! Choose between 4 different synthesizable undergarments to suit your play style and get a Serendipity Stone as a bonus! 

Wrapped Leopard Undergarments – 2000 Credits or 100 Loyalty 
Bonus: Serendipity Stone with purchase.

Intricate Costume Synthesis 
Upgrade your synthesis costumes with this package. This package contains Bound Clear Synthium Shards, Bound Vivid Synthium Shards, Bound Lucid Synthium Shards, and Bound Serendipity Stones. 

Wrapped Celestial Synthesis Stone Package – 5000 Credits 

Limited 1x purchase per account 
*Despite the in-game note saying that you can purchase it once per character, it is only available once per account

Don't hesitate because these deals turn to stone in 2 weeks.