Star Wars Day Celebration: For Honor has added lightsabers

Date: 2019-05-30 09:11:04

In the next short article, we will introduction some brief introduction of the new features in For Honor – the lightsabers.

At Star Wars Day, May 4, ubisoft Montreal surprised For Honor fans with lightsabers. Instead of going in for an ordinary axe swing or sword lunge, your weapon will suddenly start glowing like a lightsaber to add some Star Wars flare to your battles.

“May the 4 is the day we toast everything Star Wars, and this year, medieval brawler For Honor is getting in on the action by turning all of its swords, axes, polearms, and assorted instruments of death into lightsabers. We have to wait until the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order release date for Respawn’s officially licensed lightsaber duelling, but For Honor’s unexpected event might help tide us over.”

The lightsaber mod isn’t literally a lightsaber in a fighter’s hands — licensing might have something to say about that. It simply makes the blade of whatever weapon the player is holding, whether sword, pike, battle axe or something else, glow when the player locks on. But there are some compatible sound effects and showers of sparks when the blades meet. The blades will glow green, blue or red — sorry, no conflicted-badass purple here.

Ubisoft hasn’t said yet how long the lightsaber effect will stick around, so if you really want to use a giant laser ax, you might want to jump into For Honor sooner than later.

Launched in February 2017, For Honor received constant and steady improvements from the developers at Ubisoft Montréal, there have been eight content updates to the game so far, adding new heroes, maps, game modes, dedicated servers and more, as well as the Marching Fire expansion launched last year, which also introduced the brand new Wu Lin faction in addition to the existing Knights, Vikings and Samurai factions.

Hearing of this cool weapon, why not jump into For Honor and experience lightsaber effect now?