Far Cry New Dawn Credits Guide & How to get Far Cry New Dawn perk points

Date: 2019-05-30 00:54:23

Do you want to purchase a new skin or weapon in Far Cry New Dawn without using money? There is a way you can get Far Cry Credits for free. Except for this, we list the way to get Far Cry New Dawn perk points.

What do Far Cry New Dawn Credits do?

Far Cry Credits act as an in-game currency of sorts in Far Cry New Dawn. You can either buy Far Cry New Dawn Credits at ingamemall.com with the cheapest price or you can get them by farming. With Far Cry Credits, you can buy weapons, character customizations, and vehicles. Everything you can buy, however, is purely cosmetic. On top of that, you can also spend Credits on Crafting Materials and Perk Bundles.

How to get Far Cry New Dawn Credits?

To get Far Cry Credits without paying any money you will need to complete Prepper Stashes throughout Hope County. These stashes almost always have around 30-40 Far Cry Credits sitting around. Once you finish a Prepper Stash look for a stack of silver coins lying around, those are the credits. In our experience there has never been a large sum of credits just lying around, so you’ll need to hit quite a few stashes if you want to purchase a higher tier weapon.

How to get Far Cry New Dawn perk points?

Treasure hunts are your main way of getting perk points in Far Cry New Dawn, with each one netting you three to spend. In Far Cry New Dawn perk points let you buy special abilities in Far Cry New Dawn, but if you’ve done all the treasure hunts you might find yourself seriously lacking in them. In the challenges section of the main menu you’ll find - well, challenges. They range from killing five Highwaymen with a sniper rifle to finding all the music players in the game, and you can see how many perk points completing each challenge get you. As a rule, regularly switch up the weapon you’re using to tick off challenges as you go, and change your Gun for Hire every so often too. Saving hostages from prison vans also gets you one perk point per go.

Do you get these tips in Far Cry New Dawn? If you did not know these tips before, you can try them to get more credits and perk points.