Is There A Big Difference Between GTA5 High And Highest Picture Quality?

Date: 2019-07-31 00:53:41

Grand Thef Auto V high and highest picture quality depends on which angle, the short-range picture quality is not much different, the remote picture quality is still different, but many players cannot use the computer to run the top quality for a long time. The difference in the highest quality is the difference between the shadow, the light effect and the fineness of the surface material, especially the distant view. However, players and friends should not be overly superstitious, and pursue the highest quality. After all, some screenshots shared by the Internet, with the special effects MOD blessing, useful hard-burning configuration, there is not much reference value for the player's civilian experience.

In addition, most of the screenshots, it can be said that 100% of the screenshots are derived from the battle content of GTA5, which is the stand-alone part. Online content is rarely used by such high quality, even if you reach it, you will become stuck in the multi-player interaction because of the computer computing time. So, we can only know that high-performance hardware can make GTA5 more beautiful, but you have to pay so much to be so beautiful.

What's more, GTA5 is the first host released, so considering the host function, the game has been optimized a lot, and even the light effect is not particularly open. The reason why the PC version can have 4K quality, is also a high-play production of 4K special effects MOD, a lot of beautiful pictures are played by this MOD, can only say that the eye, the old black has used 1080TI graphics card full high special effects ran Will GTA5, that screenshot did not play 4KMOD beautiful.

At last, 4K screenshots are beautiful, you have to have a 4K display to intercept. If your monitor doesn't support 4K, then even if you hit 4KMOD, the map is not 4K. In general, the premise of removing MOD, GTA5 high image quality and the highest picture quality, the short-range display gap is not large.