Blizzard Planning To Reduce World Of Warcraft Max Level

Date: 2019-06-17 16:42:16

What is "Level Squish" of World of Warcraft?

Blizzard Planning To Reduce World Of Warcraft Max Level

A survey recently sent to World of Warcraft players includes the following question: "Are you aware that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future (i.e., "Level Squish")?
The news comes as part of a new player survey being conducted by Blizzard that asks the World of Warcraft community if they were aware that this was happening.

Which implies a nothing lost in translation but a more streamlined approach to leveling in World of Warcraft. This may make it easier for new players to manage their adventures - especially when you see a lot of current content in the game.

This has caused a bit of a stir, because nobody was aware that a reduction of the level cap was definitely happening, yet that's what the question suggests. WoW game direction Ion Hazzikostas did talk about this as a concept last year as part of a Q&A. 

"It's daunting for a brand new player who's reading about the game, who's hearing about it from a friend who is like, 'I have to do how many levels before I can come do the new thing with you?', Hazzikostas said. "And even though the levels take this fixed amount of time and it's not this months-long journey to get to max level, it still feels like a really big number and it also means in practice you probably do go more levels than you probably should between getting new abilities and getting new talents. A lot of those problems could be alleviated by simply squishing levels as a whole." 

"My concern is how this will affect the ability to solo old content," opined someone less keen on the idea, while another player suggested: "I will only be happy about the level squish if they are willing to expand on the zone scaling even further."

Blizzard has replied to requests for a statement with a "no comment" response.