ArcheAge’s Game Background, Careers, Life Skills & the Criminal Justice System Introduction

Date: 2019-04-30 09:23:06

ArcheAge is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The agent in mainland China is Tencent. The game has four races, ten talents and 120 combined careers. Each system is coordinated, the information is complex, and the gameplay is extremely diverse.

Game Background - Before 2000, all races lived together on the glorious source continent. As the gods and heroes set off a war, the source continent was destroyed and the races migrated to the continents of Noah and Hariri. The fragments that carry the memory of the source continent are scattered all over the world, recording the glory of the original continent. If you pursue these memories and return to your hometown, you may uncover the secrets of war and the truth of the gods. People who migrated to the New World have gradually forgotten the glory of the mainland. Under the contradiction between territorial expansion and conflict of faith, the two continents have embarked on a protracted war. After learning that the source continent has a mysterious power, people from both continents have embarked on a journey back to the mainland.

ArcheAge Careers - When a player generates a character, the player must first choose one of the six talents of fighting, element, wildness, life, death and assassination. When the character reaches level 5 and level 10, select the second and third respectively. A talent, eventually through the three abilities of learning, combined into the final career of the player. In addition to talent and career, the game's talent skills can also be matched to produce extra high output. This combination is called: chain skills. The chain skill is the most basic rule of skill application in ArcheAge. The combination of the additional state of the skill can make the character attack damage increase.

Archeage Life Skills - Production Skills is an important part of ArcheAge. Players can create weapons; build houses, process raw materials, etc. by consuming labor and materials to gain fun outside the battle. The game includes 16 production skills in alchemy, cooking, crafts, animal husbandry, agriculture, logging, harvesting, machinery manufacturing, forging, printing, masonry, sewing, leatherworking, weapon building, woodworking, and trade.

The Criminal Justice System - The Criminal Justice System is a more distinctive system of the ancient century. It is a system for solving crimes (theft, violence, and killing) in the game between players. In the game, players will get sinful value if they kill and forcibly steal other people's property. When the sin value index reaches a certain level, the player will be summoned to the court for trial. The system will give a corresponding degree of punishment according to the severity of the crime. But if the player being judged does not recognize his crime, the court will call a jury to conduct the trial.

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