Apex Legends Guide: How to get Apex Coins

Date: 2019-08-26 09:23:24

Apex Legends Coins is the life blood of this gamepaly. On the one hand, you can choose to buy cheap Apex Legends Coins via Ingamemall.com. On the other hand, you can choose to obtain them by playing the game.

Apex Coins can be used in-game to purchase Apex Packs; essentially the loot boxes of Apex Legends. Apex Packs contain an assortment of goodies, such as weapon skins, Legend skins, intros, kill quips, banner frames, banner poses, and finishing moves. Apex Packs also contain heirloom packs, which are the rarest items in the game and cannot be obtained anywhere else. Each Apex Pack costs 100 Apex Coins, so $1 USD.

Apex Coins are the main paid for currency in the game. What this means is that you'll need to purchase these with real money to obtain them. Now that the first Battle Pass has been announced, it looks like you will be able to earn some coins through leveling it up!

In order to get free Apex Coins, you'll need to purchase the Battle Pass. This is available in-game for 950 Apex Coins, which works out at roughly £8. Now, you simply need to play the game. Ranking up within the Battle Pass will occasionally earn you Apex Coins, and those can then be used to buy further items.

It matters that how all your team performs in the battle. Each squad consists of three players with you. Make a very unique playing strategy and then directly face to the other quads. If any one team member from you has great playing experience and rank then give strategy command in his hand. If you are the highest ranked players in your team then well assist to the other two members. Good and strong coordination between team members can only make you winner and gives good points.

You can find different variants of Crafting Materials inside packs. These include Common (15), Rare (30), Epic (200) and Legendary (600) types, which all have a different value. The rarer the Crafting Materials you find, the more currency you will have to spend on crafting cosmetics. These typically sell for between 30 to 1,200 Crafting Metals a piece.

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