Albion Online Percival Patch 7 changes to Silver Sinks

Date: 2019-10-10 06:24:16

Albion Online launched Percival Patch 7, which brings changes to Albion's Silver sinks, quality-of-life improvements to building and transmuting, updated resource spawn rates, and more. 

Albion Online Percival Patch 7 changes to Silver Sinks

Percival Patch 7 – Ver. 1.15.387 / REV 151412 – 9 October 2019

This patch brings the following cost changes:

Increased repair costs of all items by 100%, but halved knockdown damage (from 10% to 5%), meaning repair cost of knockdowns remains the same
Increased Market Order Fee from 1% to 1.5%
Increased Market Tax from 4% to 6% (from 2% to 3% with Premium)
Increased the cost of buying additional bank tabs by 50%
Increased the cost of buying and upgrading islands by 50%
Increased the cost of converting Fame to Fame Credits by 50%
Increased the cost of using the fast travel feature by 50%
Reduced the rate at which Silver offers are generated by the Black Market by 10%


Constructing, upgrading, and repairing a building is now 2x faster
Transmutation of resources is now 4x faster
Resources and critters in safe zones (T2-T4) now take twice as long to respawn
Combat Balance Changes

Cursed Staffs

Cataclysm (Damnation Staff):
The damage is now applied as a damage-over-time effect, which can’t be stacked (deals Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds for a total duration of 2.5 seconds)
Damage per tick: 50 → 27
Number of ticks: 5 → 6
Damage can no longer be reflected
Nature Staffs

Cooldown: 6s → 5s
Cast Time: 0.6s → 0.4s
Standtime: 0.2s → 0s
Spell is no longer canceled by mouse click while casting

Emergency Heal (Guardian Helmet)
Heal Value: 15% → 10%

Motivating Pain (Quarrier Workboots):
Now only triggered by enemy damage – ally damage no longer triggers the skill

“Horsin’ Around” achievement is now actually unlocked when you successfully raise a horse
Groomed the Yule Stag mount, giving it improved head effects
Copying to clipboard in Guild Account Logs now copies the “Amount” column as intended
Fixed broken visual effects for Silence spell
Fixed an issue where Concussive Blow was not hitting mounted players
Giant Steps fixes:
Made the description clearer
Battle Frenzy now renders caster immune to the slow effect of Giant Steps as intended
Fixed a recurring issue where channeling on self was canceled by a delayed teleport
Additional graphical, UI, audio, animation, terrain, and localization fixes