What's The Strongest Weapon Type in Rangers of Oblivion?

Date: 2019-06-18 11:25:24

Rangers of Oblivion, Created by NetEase and GTArcade, Rangers of Oblivion is a third-person action RPG designed to bring the gameplay of classics like Monster Hunter, God Eater, and Toukiden to the mobile front. Stuffed full of more traditional MMO quests, Rangers of Oblivion is something of a hybrid in the genre, mixing bewilderingly good mobile graphics with zone-based overworld combat and quests.

Weapons are very important equipment for missions and battles. So what's the strongest weapon type in Rangers of Oblivion? Let's talk about that today.

Rangers of Oblivion use weapon systems rather than classes. You use the weapon you are equipped with to control the type of attack you use. As with any class-based or devy-based system specification, newcomers always have a problem with which one of them is the strongest. The idea of choosing the strongest option doesn't really matter to the player, they should choose the one that's most interesting to them. We'll list the information each weapon brings you below to help you make better decisions.
Each skill listed below is above the basic attack skill of the weapon selected. Each skill can be changed later in the game through runes and upgrades. The following list only applies to the default capability Settings when a weapon is first equipped. (very useful for new players)

What's The Strongest Weapon Type in Rangers of Oblivion? Greatsword

What's The Strongest Weapon Type in Rangers of Oblivion? Greatsword

    Greatsword – Slow, heavy damage
    • Blink Thrust: Teleport to your target and deliver to quick strikes
    • Dragon Fang: Launch sword gales at your enemies that can strike from a distance
    • Saintly Judgement: A powerful 2-stage charged smash
      The most difficult play style, but also the most rewarding as this is one of the strongest weapons in the hands of those who can wield them.
  • Staff – Ranged/AOE
    • Elemental Dominion: Rains the elements down on and around your target.
    • Elemental Destruction: Fires a concentrated beam of energy that pierces through targets.
    • Arcane Barrage: Releases a barrage of magical missiles at the target. The amount is based on the available energy charged from other attacks.
      Super easy to play because of the range, and also because it makes behemoth fights seem less hard than they actually are (since you don’t really have to be that close to it and that makes things easy).
  • Twin Blades – Sustained DPS
    • Somersault: Jump up to attack from above.
    • Blade Rush: Delivery a flurry of cuts to your target
    • Last Rites: Attacks apply Blade Marks
      Focusing on agility and fast damage input, this weapon is somehow more difficult than the Longbow, but easier than the Greatsword. It’s good for an action-packed play style.
  • Gauntlets – Sustained DPS
    • Flickering Gale: Zip forward and deliver a blow upon hitting a target. Can be used 3 times within 5 seconds before going on cooldown. Each blow increases in power by 15%
    • Flurry: Hold to deliver a dizzying amount of punches to the target
    • Way of the Fist: Deliver a series of lightning-fast attacks to the target. You are invulnerable during this move.
      You will have to try them out because they are not exactly your typical weapon (it feels like thrusting fists at the enemy).
  • Longbow – Ranged, Fast AOE
    • Power Shot: Fire arrows that pierce their target
    • Multishot: Fire arrows in a conal spread in front of you
    • Rain of Arrows: Rain down arrows on the target area
      So playing with this weapon type is not that difficult (rather easy).
  • Lance – Defensive
    • Shield Throw: Toss your shield for a mid-range attack
    • Fearless Thrust: Charge at your target with your lance
    • Avenging Barrier: Block and counter with your shield
      This play style combines both defenses with offenses, so you also become quite tanky while doing some damage.

Twin Blades and Gauntlets can be fun if you're a player looking for fast attacks and fluid combat. Be prepared to duck. Longbow and Staff users will be adept at attacking multiple parts of the beast or quickly acquiring farm tools from other MOBS from a safe distance. His large shield gives Lance more room to attack. Greatsword is a Greatsword that, when used correctly, may offer the highest damage potential. So if you ask which weapon does the most damage to rangers, we say "Greatsword," but only if you know when and how to avoid it.