How do Rangers of Oblivion's beginners start combating?

Date: 2019-06-18 05:11:18

In combat, the choice of weapon is very important. Of course, the choice of weapons depends on the situation on the ground. (for more information on weapons, check out our other article, "What's The Strongest Weapon Type in Rangers of Oblivion?") 

No matter which weapon you choose, the way you use your abilities in battle is the same. On the top of the normal attack button where your right thumb usually rests, you'll notice that there are three additional skill buttons around it. From left to right are the first, second, and third abilities; Imagine them in the order of attack power ascension. Tapping on these skills will perform the desired attack, while some other skills (usually ability 2) allow longer attacks by holding down the button.

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Lock on the target

In the fights you can either choose to automatically lock on the target, or let the game do it for you. I strongly suggest having this option set on "on", because you will have a much easier time dealing with the enemies one at a time.

If you choose to have this option set on "off", then you might mess up during fights or even miss a skill at the desired target, which will result in you possibly taking some lethal damage for a mere second that the enemy is left alive (which could have been avoided if you had the target locked on).

Go for that Achilles's heel of the behemoths

Unlike normal monsters farmed for materials, behemoths – the game's bigger "boss" monsters – have exploitable weak points all over their body which can be identified by using the Soul Vision button to the left of your Dodge button. Not only do you deal increased damage by focusing your attacks on these glowing weak points, but they'll eventually toppling the monster in question and allowing for a series of coordinated attacks as it lays there defenseless for a time.

This means that every super-strong boss has weaknesses. Aim as much as possible, as this will greatly increase their damage and reduce their combat time. You don't have to stay and fight your boss for hours in a late game battle (well, not exactly, but you get the point), but if you aim for weakness, you can fight it faster.

Equip the Wild Soul

In the game you'll gain access to a Wild Soul. You’ll choose your initial Wild Soul based on the few additional abilities listed below, but at their core, these extra equips grant access to three additional abilities to use in combat. 
There are five Wild Soul types:

– Holy (Good for Defend, Dispell)
– Titan (Good for Attack, Destroy)
– Dark (Good for Weaken, Abnormal)
– Arcane (Good for Space, Realm)
– Nature (Good for Heal, Endurance)

These Wild Souls also can come in three rarities:

– Mutated (The best ones)
– Normal (Average ones, nothing out of the ordinary, but can be good)
– Desolate (Used mostly to level up the Normal and Mutated ones)

Accessible by holding the Wild Soul icon above your regular attacks, sliding and releasing your thumb over one of these pop-out abilities will activate them. The top one is basically always a heal with limited uses, but the first two can range from buffs and debuffs, to handy time stop effects and other neat little extras.

These are Rangers of Oblivion tips and tricks, and we'll be updating more about the game in the future. We also need to promote the Rangers Of Oblivion Diamonds we provide. If you need Rangers Of Oblivion Diamonds, check out our product details page(click here).