Tera Patch Notes v82 - Skywatch: Call To Arms

Date: 2019-06-15 17:41:29

TERA is at the forefront of a new breed of MMO. With True Action Combat - aim, dodge, and time your attacks for intense and rewarding tactical combat. Add the deep social experience of a MMO to best-in-class action combat mechanics for a unique blend of both genres. 

Tera Patch Notes v82 - Skywatch: Call To Arms

TERA introduces Popori Brawlers and deals with a nasty crustacean infestation as Skywatch Call to Arms goes live.

TERA's pudgy Popori are packing a powerful punch thanks to Skywatch: Call to Arms update, which grants the rotund bear-folk the ability to take up the gauntlets of the Brawler class. The patch also introduces a hard mode version of the Gossamer Vault dungeon, allowing players at level 68 or higher to venture out in search of valuable rewards such as legacy essence, supreme metal, legendary inner armor, and the patch's other newly added treasure maps.

Players can find a treasure map in the senior dungeon half of local figure of both the left and right sides together, they will create five of a treasure map, the player can be found according to the five map a hidden box, filled with precious trophies, including diamond, belongings or hallows, skills, scroll, and so on.

On June 20, as the summer festival kicks off, it's time to munch on the suddenly abundant crab claws, with a beach party full of mini-games, new activities and, of course, unique seasonal rewards. For full details on the latest patch and upcoming summer holidays, check out the details below.

New Features

  • Popori Brawler
    Added brawlers as a playable class for popori. 
    • Players can now create up to 22 characters per server.
    • Leveling Event running until July 9th for all classes. Brawler's will earn Kitten Hittin'-Mittens at level 65!

  • Treasure Map System 
    • Added treasure map fragments to high level dungeons:
      • Naslow's Treasure Map: Left Half from dungeons item level 435-445
      • Naslow's Treasure Map: Right Half from dungeons item level 446-456
    • Combining two map fragments creates one of five treasure maps.
    • Map Fragments are temporary items (15-day duration), are not tradeable, and can be stored in the guild bank
    • Finding (and opening) a treasure chest rewards all members of your party, placing one or more of the following items directly into inventory:
      • Diamond
      • Dyad Niveot Structure
      • Blightoath Medallion
      • Skill Advancement Scroll
      • Skill Optimization Scroll
      • Relics or Halidoms
      • Gold or Silver plates


  • New Dungeon: Gossamer Vault (Hard)
    • For 5 players of level 68 and above (item level 457). 
    • Rewards Include: 
      • Legacy Essence
      • Skill Advancement XP
      • Supreme Metal
      • Weight Pendulum
      • Lepidoptera Crystal Dust/Powder
      • Naslow's Treasure Map: Right Half
      • Transparent Mask
      • Relics or Halidoms
      • Legendary Inner Armor
  • Gossamer Vault
    • Reduced the HP of Hellgrammite and Gossamer Regent.
    • Adjusted Gossamer Regent’s pattern difficulty.
  • Returning Dungeon: Macellarius Catacombs
    • Adjusted difficulty for 3 characters of any class.
    • Available through instance matching at level 65 (item level 440).


  • Gridiron Times adjusted. Now open everyday from 16:00-06:00 UTC.

Class Balance

  • Priest
    • Adjusted options for Focus Heal: Velocity and Focus Heal: Weakened Light
      • Faster target acquisition
      • Increased casting speed
    • Adjusted options for Focus Heal: Heal
      • Changed HP recovery from 2.5% HP per sec for 5 sec to 120 HP per sec for 5 sec
      • Now affected by HP Recovery buffs.
    • Increased the target acquisition time for Divine Intervention, Mass Divine Intervention
  • Mystic
    • Changed Restorative Arun's Vitae from 20% HP recovery to 35,000 HP.
    • Removed cooldown on Arun’s Tears when canceling the skill.
    • Adjusted options for Titanic Favor: Velocity and Titanic Favor: Destruction
      • Faster target acquisition
      • Increased casting speed
      • Faster cancel animations
    • Arun's Tears
      • Cooldown removed when canceling the skill
  • Sorcerer
    • Reduced aggro generation from the following skills:
      • Ice Lance
      • Iceberg
      • Prime Flame 
      • Arcane Storm
      • Elemental Fusion


  • Added the option to stack HP/MP bars to the right of the class emblem.
  • Adjusted class difficulties (stars) shown in the Character Creation


  • Replenishment Potables now provide additional MP for ninjas.
  • Ethereal Rings and Earrings can now be upgraded to Radiant versions.
    • Can be obtained by upgrading Ethereal Rings and Earrings. 
      • Requires gold, golden and silver plates, and either Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Dust or Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Powder.