RuneScape Month Ahead (July 2019) - Land Out of Time, Summer Skill-Off, Double XP

Date: 2019-07-09 01:27:34

Feel like you've been waiting an ice age for The Land Out of Time? Well that's nothing compared to how long the dinosaurs have awaited their return. But their fallen kingdom will be reborn with the arrival of a brand new island filled with fresh danger (dinosaurs!), new activities (Big Game Hunter!) and a skill revamp (Agility Course!), and loads, loads more. 

in July you can also look forward to summer XP game show, a new month of freebies via Twitch Prime, a 3-for-2 membership offer and the chance to grab yourself a bargain in the Solomon’s General Store July Sale. And, surprise, there's also a Double XP Weekend to look forward to!

In an ominous time in prehistoric times, there lived some of the most terrifying monsters RuneScape had ever seen. The Land Out of Time brings a new training method for the Hunter skill that spans Hunter level 75-96 and Slayer level 55-76. It all focuses around nine towering and terrifying dinosaurs. 

The Land Out of Time includes a new island-spanning Agility Course. The course is the quickest way to get around and see the sights and contains new loot. Eight new Slayer creatures spanning level 90-114 also join the lineup, including dinosaurs and plant-based foes. Laniakea, the new poison-drinking Slayer Master, makes her debut with the update, bringing additional tasks for players with at least level 90 killers and level 120.

The untimely land was emerging from the storm. There are many things worth doing there. For more information, please visit the official website.