New Apex Legends Season 2 Trailers Leak Shows Map Changes And Another Legend

Date: 2019-06-28 11:31:49

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for the start of Apex Legends Season 2 with a pair of new trailers that gives fans a look at what's coming when the new season starts next week. Apex Legends Season 2 begins in just a few days, on July 2, and we already know a fair amount about what's in store. A new hero named Wattson will debut in Season 2, which will also bring a bunch of balance changes, a revised battle pass, and a new gun. However, thanks to a leak, we now have a few more clues as to what Season 2 will offer, and there's a glimpse at what appears to be another brand-new character.

In the trailers, a variety of wild beasts, including massive Leviathans, make their way into the canyon when the repulsor tower is destroyed by a mysterious person using a laptop. Players can also look forward to the new L-STAR Machine Gun, new skins, bonus Battle Pass XP, bonus weekends, and a "shocking" new Legend. 

Significantly, there seems to be a glimpse of a new character--not the previously revealed Wattson, but another fighter named Crypto. This hero has been rumored for some time and can be seen in the trailers below. 

The first video is animated razzle-dazzle that showcases Wattson and teases the impending map changes and Leviathan. That tells the tale of the EMP that disables Kings Canyon's repulsor tower and lets in all the beasties, setting the stage for some big changes to the Kings Canyon arena.  
Considerable map changes are also on the way, it appears. The trailers show a number of new buildings and structures, as well as hazards in the form of pterodactyl-like monsters and a bigger dinosaur named the Leviathan. 

The second features bits of actual gameplay, and showcases the state of the island after everything's been knocked around: Bridges are broken and buildings destroyed, new flora is growing in some areas, new base camps have been established, and "Kings Canyon will never be the same." The formerly devastated smoldering ash-pile Shattered Forest seems to have regrown into a verdant green paradise, while research bases and clean-up crew headquarters have appeared across the island, providing more locations to drop and loot.