Brief Introduction of Arcane Legends and the way to Earn Arcane Legends Gold

Date: 2019-05-05 09:29:49

Arcane Legends is a hack and slash multiplayer mobile game, which you can play both on Android and iOS. In this gameplay, the player first chooses a class from three possible selections: Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. The player then chooses from three possible starting pets: Precious (a panther), Timber (a dog), or Guapo (a turtle). Many pets can be found in the game. Pets increase your stats and unleash arcane abilities. They can be found inside of eggs that are found on mobs, chests, and also purchased through the store with platinum the AL pay-for-play currency. And the warrior class is strong and its main job is to do the tanking, thus it has the most health and armour. The rogue class's defenses are lower but have a much higher attack, as well as high dexterity/dodge. The sorcerer, otherwise known as mage, has the most mana. It usually is used to support other classes, but can also deal high damage. You can change costumes (vanities) that you find in adventures and you also have a pet that helps you fight.

As we all know, Arcane Legends Gold is an important in-game currency, which can be used to buy in-game items that affect the process of the game. Getting gold early on in the game can be very simple. Unlike what most believe, you don't need to be the smartest or richest person. Just stay calm and consistent. It's probably one of the best traits to cultivate in-game. What’s interesting to me is that a lot of these qualities I'm going to talk about will benefit you into RL too. Money, relationships, anything – how one does one thing is how one does everything. Fail to plan, plan to fail – A simple strategy goes a long way. You shouldn't have to pay for common sense. This may surprise u but it's true. If you can't control your emotions, namely, the need to have things NOW, life is just goanna be a lot harder.

Here are some ways to get Arcane Legends Gold:

1. Dailies and NPC quests for startup

2. Farm Rengol locks almost drops everywhere but best place is karken mines 3, some people farm it in karken map 1. And some elite zone like elite wilds/elite shuyal planar arena have chance for large rengol but drop rate is very low. (need lepre/luck elixir/egg shell ring or All)

3. Latest way of making gold is farming intact orc fangs(ingredient which is used to craft mythic set level 46) it is available only in elite rengol maps, do map 1 or 3 but you must be powerful enough otherwise you wouldn't servive in these map ( No need for lepre or luck for fangs) each fang 20k.

4. Buy/Sell (Merching) items. This method need some investment, in cities like Paradise and expedition camps people always selling/buying something interact with them. Buy anything cheap sell for more price is merch, Nah as it sounds it's not easy plus it includes risk of lossing existing gold. Check my post In Game Trades from signature before for more info about merching risk and precautions.

If you're beginner of Arcane Legends, are you desperate for gold?

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