Black Desert Online Tips for Beginners

Date: 2019-05-05 09:23:43

First enter the Black Desert Online, the angle of view is pulled to the nearest by default, and the two fingers can be freely adjusted to the appropriate angle. In the upper right corner is the function menu. When you open it, you can see the basic functions and settings of the game. It means that the friends of the game card can adjust the picture quality to the balance or the minimum. Although there are various kinds of game introductions such as, rescue, crusade, relics, world bosses, basically all are about defeating monsters.

About the items, Black Desert Online Items in white is the worst, the best is red, and the main output of the equipment is the ancient gold coins. It is worth mentioning that the Black Desert Online Silver is very easy to use, basic you can buy all the equipment on the silver coin, including some mall props, including fashion, so it is necessary to learn how to make BDO Silver.

Black Desert Online Items reinforcement and inlay: divided into ordinary breakthroughs and forced breakthroughs. Generally, equipment above the golden level can be strengthened to 40, and can be awakened after this. If you strengthen the 20th level, you can add it casually, but after 20, for the silver coins begin to increase. After 30, basically 100% strengthening the level requires hundreds of the most advanced strengthening stones and tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of silver coins, and an orange dress may only need 2000w silver coins, of course, you can also choose to force a breakthrough of 20-30 stage gold or even orange black crystal (forced breakthrough special props can still fight), after 30 is difficult to get one, and black crystal is more difficult to obtain than strengthening stone Therefore, everyone who sees the benevolent sees wisdom, it also feels that the reinforcement is quite pit, but you can always go strong when you come to Japan. Friendly reminder, when the level is low, try to use low-grade strengthening stone, black crystal and advanced strengthening stone must stay at the time of the need, the advanced stone can also be sold to the store for silver coins. As for the gold-encrusted equipment, it will also hit the crystal, the crystal is divided into + attack + defense + storm Hit + shift speed + attack speed. The grades are still from white to red, three-in-one advanced. Orange and above equipment is necessary to set the gemstones, which can be neglected in the early stage. 

In this situation, we can notice the important of silver, which works as the in-game currency. Whether you're an advanced adventurer trying to upgrade some boss gear or a complete newcomer to the game, you’ll always need silver in Black Desert Online. And it's not just helpful for gear. From upgrading your house to buying beer for your workers, you need all the silver you can get. To help you get that next upgrade or buy a new armor piece. Now you can buy cheap Black Desert Online Silver via, BDO Silver for Sale with the cheapest price. Do not miss the chance!