Brief Introduction of Blade and Soul Races

Date: 2019-05-05 09:33:35

Blade & Soul is a 3D legend massively multiplayer online action game developed by Korean online game developer NCSoft. It is represented by Tencent in China. "Blade and Soul" shows the Eastern Martial Arts world, character modeling, light work, combat experience, battle process, and mission scenarios.

Blade and Soul Races: Blade & Soul contains four playable races. They consist of the powerful Gon, the ambitious Jin, the beautiful Yun and the mischievous Lyn. Each provides a set of classes playable with that race and some share classes with other races. Races could also be available in only one gender. There is no difference in gameplay between races whether mechanics or story wise.

1. The Jin is a race that inherits the power of "Xuanwu." They have a wise and simple mind and a diligent and good character, as well as a bone-like shape. Therefore, they have achieved a more comprehensive breakthrough in the accomplishment of martial arts. Their representative profession, the "swordsman" balance ability, is proof. . With their curiosity, creativity, and unyielding will, the Jin has demonstrated its outstanding ability in various fields. No one will question the great achievements of the Jin in the present world, and their future development is also worth looking forward to.

2. Gon is a descendant of the ancient dragons. They inherit the "dragon's breath", but they also inherit the curse of the gods that the dragon received. They have a giant body and the same explosive power as human descendants, and they are angry, even if it is a thousand horses. Gon people generally have a pure and straightforward personality. They are simple in thinking, simple in character, and more reliable and trustworthy as companions than other races. But it is also easy to be used by people, and once it becomes an enemy, it becomes a huge threat.

3. Kun is like a fairy in the fairy world. They have the most beautiful looks and elegant temperament in the whole world. As a descendant of "Suzaku", there are only women in Kun and no men. They think that this is the creation and choice of nature, so they usually disdain to be mortal, they like to communicate with nature, pay attention to order and harmony, they like to in the mountains, they like sing songs and poems, and they enjoy the highest spiritual realm.

4. Although Lyn has a cute and weak appearance, Lyn is a powerful race that integrates the power of the sacred beast. They have the amazing power to communicate with the underworld and see the spirits that mortals cannot see. They are very spiritual, the ancient spirits are strange, the senses are sharp, the mobility is fast, and the use of powerful forces such as "flame" and "ice" can be used to play the enemy between the palms. Similar to Jin, they are the same. With unyielding willpower, this is also the foundation of Lyn's survival on this ancient continent.

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