Useful Anthem Guide: How to earn and spend coins

Date: 2019-07-03 01:00:38

Do you want to have spiffiest Javelin in Anthem, or purchase items, gear, emotes, drop-in animations to max your joy of the gameplay? Then, just equip yourself with Anthem Coins. Coins are the two of currencies in Anthem, another is Anthem Shard. People always want to figure out the best and free way to obtain Anthem Coins. Today, there is a chance for you. We will list some useful tips of farming Anthem Coins guide to enhance your adventure!

Coins, on the other hand, are far more beneficial to your survival in the game. Coins are necessary to craft new weapons and gear, and can also be used to unlock the same cosmetic items as Shards.

You'll earn Coins through a range of activities in Anthem. The main one of these will be completing the main missions available in the game. You’ll only earn a small amount for each, but since you'll be playing these anyway, you'll build up a nice reserve as you go. You can find your available Challenges in the Cortex, where you can see the rewards and how to complete them. Some will make you clear content as a certain Javelin, with a certain weapon type, or while playing with your controller upside down.

You can also gain coins by completing open-world Freeplay quests, which can also net you loot. The harder the challenge, the more coin and loot you'll get. These quests will only take 20 minutes at most, so completing more per day will net you more coin.

On top of the above two means, you can also earn Coins by completing various challenges in the game. You can view your open Challenges at any time through the Cortex, where you'll be able to see the breakdown of all the Challenges that are available to you. Challenges here include tasks to complete with different Weapons, Javelins, and even Daily and Monthly Challenges. Some of the Challenges you can complete will reward you with Coins.

Anthem has an Alliance system that doles out monetary rewards at the end of each week. At the end of the week, Anthem calculates how much you and five friends have played, factors in your Alliance level, and then tacks on a multiplier bonus based on the amount of time put into the game (5X is the max multiplier).

Unlike Shards which can be purchased in exchange for real money, Coins can be earned in-game. It is a good news for players, for that they do not need spend real world money on them. If you are lack of Anthem Coins, why not try these useful tips? And at, we also offer tips to get Anthem Shards. If you want to know the strategies, please pay attention to our news guide of Anthem.