Anthem: Best Way to Earn Free Shards

Date: 2019-07-03 00:56:34

The online multiplayer action role-playing video game Anthem has two types of currencies, one is Anthem Shards, and another is Anthem Coins. Compared with Anthem Coins, Anthem Shards is rare premium currency. In a word, it is more difficult to obtain this kind of rare premium currency. Today, we are going to analyze what is the use of Anthem Shards & how can we earn them freely.

What is the use of Anthem Shards?

Anthem features cosmetic microtransactions that you can buy with with premium currency called Shards that customize the appearances of your Javelin exosuits. So far the available store items are purely cosmetic, including Armour packs, Materials, Emotes and Crafting items. In future there is scope for the store to sell specific armour parts and maybe even weapon cosmetics.

How to get free Anthem Shards?

BioWare has implemented a way for players to get free Anthem Shards. Though, it remains to be seen just how generous the developers will be with the Shard rewards earned in-game. Players who complete Challenges and the weekly Path to Glory will be gifted a number of Shards. As previously mentioned, these can be used to purchase various Javelin customization options, or to extend Agent bonuses.

Except for this method, the only method is by purchasing Anthem Shards with real world money. Luckily, shards can't be used for anything other than cosmetic purchases, so while spending your hard-earned real-world cash might get you a flashy suit quicker than grinding contracts for hours on end, it won't afford you any extra power. If you want to equip yourself with a flashy suit quicker with saving money and time, you'd better come to for help. is the most reliable game store, which has rich experience in selling Cheap Anthem Shard Packs. We offer four kinds of shard packs for you to choose, including 500, 1050, 2200 and 4600 Shard Packs, which will cost you 2.99, 5.99, 11.99 and 23.99 dollars. How Cheap! All of Anthem Shard Packs prices are changed in real time according to the current market situation. We offer 'InGameMall' coupon for 5% discount if you order a bulk amount of silver. We promise you can get Cheap Anthem Shard Packs but quality services, because we always believe that every honorable customer is very important.

These are the two ways to get Anthem Shard Packs. And if you want to figure out the way to get another currency called Anthem Coins, please pay attention to our news guide about Anthem. Here, you can also find the best solutions to get free Anthem Coins.