Tips, Tricks and Guide to Beat Hard Levels in Gardenscapes

Date: 2019-07-13 08:58:12

Many players find that it is hard to beat hard levels in Gardenscapes. To settle this problem, here are some useful tips for you.

1. Know what type of pieces is needed to complete the objective. Focus on gathering only those pieces and try to take advantage of Rainbow Blast power-up to collect them. So if the game demands an X number of apples, then try to bring an apple close to the Rainbow Blast power-up and the swap their places to remove all apples on the game board. Create as many Bombs and Dynamite power-ups as possible to trigger bigger explosions. This will remove several pieces on the game board and newer pieces will fall from the top.

2. Try to match 4 or 5 elements in the level to make power ups like firecrackers or bombs. Try to make dynamites in gardenscapes by matching 6 elements in a single move. Dynamites are powerful enough to clear everything in its respective radius. If you are lucky enough to make TNT by matching 7 elements, then it will make this level very easy to beat by clearing everything near the TNT exploding radius.

3. Boosters are a set of Power-up elements you can buy, receive as a gift at the end of an in-game day, win in special events or win from the Lucky Spin. These are the boosters available in the game right now: the Rainbow Blast, the Double Bomb, the Rainbow Blast and Dynamite, and the Shovel. You can choose/buy one or a few of them right when the level starts (all except the Shovel one).

4. To beat hard levels, you need have enough lives to support you. If your game is connected to Facebook, you can send lives to your friends or receive lives from them. You can also invite other friends from Facebook to play the game. To do it, just tap the Lives icon in the upper left corner of the screen. After you close the Lives window, a new window pops up asking if you want to invite friends to the game.

5. Check the Gardenscapes site for video tips on really difficult levels. Developer Playrix takes note of which levels players are struggling with and often releases videos of those levels being completed on the Gardenscapes Official YouTube channel. Since match-3 boards are inevitably affected by randomness you won't necessarily see the exact way to beat a stage, but it can be helpful to see if they focus on the bottom half of the board, blowing up obstacles, or some other feat.

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