Gardenscape guide for beginner users: tips to get more coins and stars

Date: 2019-07-13 08:53:59

Gardenscapes gameplay is a game about coins and stars, which are the lifeblood of the game. To help you play well the game, we come up with some useful tips to help you to get more coins and stars in Gardenscape.

How to earn more stars

The stars mechanic in this game is an interesting one. In Gardenscapes, you will either earn one star, which happens when you complete a level within the required number of moves, or no stars at all, if you aren't able to complete the level. This isn't like your standard Match 3 game where you can earn up to three stars if you've got tons of moves left over, or as few as one star if you're barely able to complete the level and stay within your moves limit. The reword finishing a level with lots of leftover moves is coins, as opposed to stars.

How to earn more coins

When it comes to Gardenscapes Coins, you can get them in many ways. If you connect your Facebook account to the game and read mailbox messages, they will go into your digital pocket or safe. And whenever you finish a stage, the following matches produced by the game itself results in you being gifted with even more Coins! That's why it's best if you sometimes leave a Booster or two on the board when you can easily complete the current stage goal without activating them. Those Boosters will ultimately be responsible for creating those major matches that get you all the extra Coins you desire!

When you complete task in this game you can earn blaster and many more things as a reward. You‘ll earn 50 coins per goal. Moreover, if you finish your level with some unused moves, you’ll get bonus coins corresponding to the number of unfinished moves you remained at the time the level was completed. When you left some moves just turn those moves into bombs automatically those bombs adds into your bank account.

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