The Sandbox MMORPG Video Game Albion Online is now Free-to-play

Date: 2019-06-20 00:45:08

Developed by Sandbox Interactive, a German developer in Berlin, cross-platform sandbox role-playing game Albion Online announced the cancellation of the fee of playing the game, and now free for every players.

According to Sandbox Interactive, players can play games without having to buy them from now on. Players can download games for free by downloading the client to create a game account. There are two main business models of Albion Online. One is quality service, that is, players can use real money or game virtual currency to buy, and the other is virtual in-game store, even if the game becomes free. The business model will not change; the only difference is that players do not need to buy a game to play.

Sandbox Interactive points out that a freely created account is not restricted when it's played, and can participate in a variety of content in the game. For the reason why the game has changed from a paid purchase to a free system, the R&D team said that they are a 35-person development team. The game is very good. The sixth major update has just been released. The number of players is growing, but they feel Bien Online should have a better space to play, and the pay threshold is a big hindrance for today's players who want to try new games. They believe that by removing this payout threshold, Albion Online will have the opportunity to a better development. And let the R & D team bring more content updates and new features to the players.

For players who have previously paid for the game, Sandbox Interactive said that if there is no support from the players who originally paid for the game, "Albion Online" will not have the results today. For the player that originally purchased the starter package will be Received a Ghostwolf Mount, 1000 gold, special rings, etc., which are exclusive and will not be obtained anywhere else in the future.

Albion Online is a sandbox role-playing game based on the medieval world. All the items in the game will be created by the player. Players can collect and trade resources, make weapons, and collect taxes in the game. The economic system will also be affected by player behavior.