Common Q&A For Playing Dota 2 Auto Chess

Date: 2019-06-19 03:27:07

If you are beginner to Dota 2 Auto Chess, there must be a lot of questions about how to play Dota 2 Auto Chess. About how to play the Auto Chess method, you can click on the link to see another article in our article. The following is a collection of problems and solutions that players often encounter in the game to help them play better.

Common Q&A For Playing Dota 2 Auto Chess

How do you get gold?
(1) automatically issue some gold per turn (maximum 5).
(2) you can get 1 gold coin for defeating your opponent every turn, 3+ consecutive wins will be rewarded with consecutive wins (Max. 3), and 3+ consecutive losses will be compensated with consecutive losses (Max. 3).
(3) 10% of the existing gold coin (Max. 5) will be paid once per turn.
(4) changing pieces can obtain gold equivalent to the level of pieces (1~9).
(5) gold are capped at 100.

I got the pieces I wanted, but I couldn't afford them. What should I do?
You can click on the small lock on the left side of the recruitment board, after locking the next round of the pieces will not be automatically recruited pieces refresh, wait until enough gold can be bought.

How to raise the upper limit of number of pieces (population)?
Your player level determines how many pieces you can play on the board, and buying "read the playbook" increases your experience. When experience is full, players are upgraded, with a maximum level of 10.

How to get the equipment back from the chessmen?
By replacing the piece, it loses its gear, but it costs one piece to get it back.

Why can't my 2 fawn upgrade to 2 star fawn?
Druid race skills require 2 different druids on the field to trigger. The field has the big tree + fawn, again on a fawn rises the star.

How to get a messenger player? How do you get Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy?
In a Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy store, a candy twister can be used to get a messenger. After each round, players at the top of the game will receive random candies (up to 10 candies per day). If you are in urgent need of Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy(click the link to buy) you can enter our store and complete the transaction safely and quickly in 5 minutes.

What is the definition of a chesspool for recruiting pieces?
At the beginning of the game, the system will put enough pieces into the pool according to the number of players. Each recruit is randomly recruited from the chess pool at a cost. When the pieces are not purchased, replaced, or released upon the player's death, the pieces will be returned to the pool. If you and a lot of other players are fighting for the same set of pieces, you are in a competitive relationship, the probability of winning will be reduced; And if you use cold set will make the probability of drawing to increase, easier to shape. By defeating an opponent in the same set, you can release the pieces back into the pool, increasing the probability that you will draw the pieces you want.

Recruitment chessboard accidentally closed, how to open it again?
Click on the top of the screen five pieces of the button, you can open the recruitment of pieces panel, the switch shortcut key is the space bar.

How can I get out of the ladder? Second back will be punished?
Complete 5 races and you will be able to display ladder positions. Ladder level has soldier - knight - bishop - fortress - king - queen, queen is the highest level.