New Beginners' Guide for Arena of Valor: AoV Heroes

Date: 2019-07-08 01:06:26

Arena of Valor (AoV) is a MOBA action game jointly developed by Singapore-based developer Garena and Tencent Tianmei Studio. The game focuses on the matching of heroes, selection of equipment, casting of skills and operation of walking, with exquisite style and high quality game. The screen, along with a built-in voice system, allows teammates to communicate at any time.

There are 6 types of heroes in Arena of Valor, including Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Support. And these heroes deal different type of damage, some heroes deal physical damage, whilst other heroes deal mainly magic damage. However, some heroes deal both types of damage, and some heroes deal 'True' damage, which cannot be countered by either the armor or magic resistance stat.

Arena of Valor Tank has loads of hit points, which feature high defense. Typically when you play as a tank, you'll be buying defensive items which add even more hit points along with armor, and magic resist. As a tank, your job is to stand in the front lines, soak up as much damage as you can, and "peel" enemies off weaker members of your team. "Peeling" involves paying attention to who is attacking another teammate and using abilities on them to interrupt that attack or redirect it to you.

Arena of Valor Warriors have medium damage and medium HP, warriors are heroes that have moderate survivability along with moderate damage. These are usually melee heroes, that need to get close to the target in order to deal damage, and this is why they have lots of HP in order to survive this. Examples of fighters are Amily, Zanis and Maloch.

Arena of Valor Support characters who fare much better when travelling with a damage-dealing ally. If you're alone, it's because you're scouting out the enemy or purposely allowing teammates to farm more experience and gold.

Arena of Valor Assassin is melee range heroes that are designed to deal large amounts of damage quickly and often do not have much health. This hero type often searches for the enemy's AD/AP Carry and other 'squishy' heroes. They have high mobility in order to be able to strike at valuable targets on the opposition’s team such as the marksman or mage. Examples of assassins are Zill, Butterfly and Quillian.

Arena of Valor Mage - Speaking from experience, playing Mage's isn't in any sort of way as easy as one might think. In most cases, your team's only main AP threat you need to reach a point in which you're able to carry your team in fights. Much like the Marksman role, your main goal is to farm up minions and dish out damage. The only difference being that Mages, as opposed to Marksman, rely on their spell more than auto attack. Friendly tip, if you're winning in the head-to-head match up against your opponent, roam around and transfer your lead to other lanes. It's a beneficial step towards achieving victory!

Arena of Valor Marksman's position is key, in fights look for opportunities to kill off the enemy's main damage threat. While dishing out consistent but equally important damage on the rest of the enemy team. Lane mechanics wise, farming should be your first priority. Poking and killing enemies come second. Engaging an enemy is dangerous unless you have the support of your teammates nearby. This character is great at taking down structures and split-pushing other lanes and destroying structures.

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