Important Tips, Guide and Tricks for the Beginners in MapleStory M

Date: 2019-07-12 00:53:11

MapleStory M is an Open World MMORPG, which brings the nostalgic world of MapleStory to your mobile device. The game continues to expand, and loved by worldwide players. To help you play well with the game, we have sum up with some useful tips for beginners in MapleStory M.

Choosing a Class

Currently, there are 5 available classes to choose from, including Bishop, Dark Knight, Night Lord, Bow Master and Corsair. The ability pools of each class are very deep. Each class has 4 job levels and over 30 passive/active skills offering a wide variation of builds. If you want optimal builds for each class, check on the Class-specific ability guides.

Always do quests if you want to level up fast

The first tip in this game is to keep doing quests if you want a fast progression. Unlike the MapleStory on PC, this mobile game gives more experience points for quests. Well, once you hit the higher levels, you'll be begging for more quests. You'll notice a scarce number of quests later on and you have to rely a lot on dungeons and grinding.

Gold Leafs

Gold leafs are resources that are really hard to come by? The things you can buy with leafs are really important to level up and upgrade your weapon, but they are also way too expensive, rendering leafs useless. You only get these from missions, achievements, and Nett's pyramid, so yeah they are hard to get. I find leafs useful for Occult Cubes, which are what you need to change the potential type of your equipment. Other than that you can buy weapon/armor powder and rank up stones, but I doubt you will ever have enough leafs to buy a lot of these. So you can just buy epic weapon powder to level up your weapon if you have enough leafs.

MapleStory M Mesos

Mesos is the incredibly important in-game currency of MapleStory M, which can be used for plenty of things, like buying potions, enhancing and leveling weapons or anything that has to do with forging, or even buying good equipment and cash items in the Trade Station.

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