How to Increase Your Range & Damage in MapleStory M

Date: 2019-07-12 00:57:20

Do you want to "one hit" monsters in MapleStory M? The only solution is to increase your damage. Follow this short article, and you will find the answer about How to Increase Your Range and Damage in MapleStory M.

Where can you see you Damage Range?

Where can you see you Damage Range

Your damage range is visible in the stats tab. The default key is "S" if you haven't changed it. You should have opened it after every level to distribute your AP. Your range is located on the right side of the window, at the top, under the "damage" tab.

How to increase your damage?

The key thing to increasing your damage as an F2P player is realizing the lack of importance for PBA (Perfect Base Attack) weapons. As an F2P player, your goal is to upgrade your weapons as soon as possible. A PBA Epic Weapon will still be out dps'd by a sub-par Unique Weapon. Likewise down the road, reaching Legendary and Mythic weapons are of far more importance due to the fact it will take an extremely long time to min-max as an F2P player.

Get equipment and potentials that adds damage. There is certain equipment (apart from weapon) that actually adds stats like physical / magic attack, critical attack or even boss attack.

One example is the Horntail necklace. By default, it adds critical attack and critical damage (%). Furthermore, if you get the set bonus, it adds like 50 physical / magic attacks. Those are equipment that adds damage to your total. Another metric to look at are potentials.

Get the ideal jewel set. The most effective jewel set to add damage for most players could be the physical or magic attack jewel. As you can see inside the screenshot, each rank a jewel for physical attack provides 30 attacks, which makes a total of 150 to get a set. In addition, you get a set bonus in case you use all of the jewels with the exact same color and rank. I get a one hundred physical/magic attack set bonus from rank a jewels.

If you want to "one hit" monsters, why not experience these tips to increase your damage? If you find it useful, please do not share them to you best friends.