How to earn in-game Currency in Kritika Online?

Date: 2019-05-05 08:56:46

If you finish everyday task in Kritika Online, you can only earn less money. Then we will talk about the small experience that can make money.

Gold is a free form of currency for players. What do I mean by that? Basically this currency is able to be accessed without any real money involved. For new players, it might be difficult for them to maintain a stable numbers while having to keep up with your gear needs. That should not be a problem since the money required to fix gears are 9 gold or 11 sometimes. And the speed of leveling in this game is so ridiculously fast, new players shouldn't worry about gears until they hit 60. Before you hit 64, you won’t have any reliable source to earn gold because of Skyship Letter Farm. This farming spot will only open once you hit 64 located in Xanadu. I recommend partying with someone with CR higher than 30k in order to deal enough dmg to the invasion boss. And basically have a "rotation" on using the letters to ensure the fairness.

1. For unwrapped jewelry or weapons of blue quality or higher, in addition to trade at auction house, there is another option to unblock and identify. If you can unblock the attributes of the weapons, then the value of this equipment will be at least 4-5 times; if you identify the attributes of the attack, and if the price of this equipment is 10 times, it also can bought by rich people.

2. With purple items, it is easy and pleasant to brush any copy. If you have enough gold coins, you can buy one directly at the auction house. Green, blue, and purple, all get the decomposition machine, which decomposes a lot of decomposition materials, and the crystals that are decomposed can be put on the auction house. Many people need it, especially green crystals, reinforcement, fashion, defense, etc. This item, the white items are sold directly to the store.

3. Each map has an NPC called a material collection merchant. Each copy will drop some items. You can use these items to exchange K ore and change some medicines. Another way is that you have enough gold coins to have unlimited green crystals in the auction house. You can raise the price to 50% when the items are on the shelves.

4. Fishing is really not a way to make money. The teenager who wants to make money by fishing has to eliminate thoughts. The only meaning of fishing is to get a better fishing rod.

Above are four ways to earn money in Kritika Online. There is also a short cut for you, you can now buy cheap Kritika Online Gold via Best price with safe and fast delivery, order now!