Dungeon Fighter Online Event: Who is the real Danjin?

Date: 2019-10-15 03:39:15

"I heard that there are suspicious people impersonating me in Arad. They must be found and dealt with immediately!
Adventurers! Please search for Danjins in dungeons!
If you can distiguish between the Real and the Fake Danjin, I will give you a special gift!"

Dungeon Fighter Online Event: Who is the real Danjin?

Dungeon Fighter Online Danjin Event

■ Period : OCT 08-OCT 22, 2019(UTC) until maintenance
■ Eligibility:  Lv. 17+

How to participate
Find Danjins that appear in Optimal Level Dungeons during the event period.
The Real Danjin will drop a special gift and Fake Danjins will drop a "Fake Danjin's Wig."
Punish Fake Danjins and obtain special avatars and rewards that can only be obtained during the event period!

"Who is the real Danjin?" event where Danjin appears in some dungeons but does not drop any items. Dungeon Fighter Online Teams are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and all affected players will be compensated for the next maintenance on 22 October.