Blade and Soul: Tips to Farm BNS Gold Fast

Date: 2019-05-21 08:47:13

Blade & Soul Gold is important to speed up the process of the gameplay and help players to win. In the game, players can use BNS Gold to buy valuable materials or items, strengthen your weapons and accessories. Players always search on Google:”How to get Bland and Soul Gold Quickly”, if you really want to figure out the question, then you are at the correct place. Here, as one of the best blade and soul game store shows the main ways of making gold to you.

1. Farming Blade & Soul Gold by Running Dungeons

This way allows players to team up with some friends to defeat bosses. You can grind normal quests and daily quests through running dungeons. Nevertheless, most of players would like to grind rare gears. Many valuable gears can only be found from specific dungeons and bosses, and you can earn BNS gold by selling the rare gears.

2. Farming Blade & Soul Gold by Crafting System

To get BNS Gold, you can craft useful items and sell them to other players on the marketplace. Crafting plays an important role when you need to level up your gears, especially when you are ready to run dungeons. You can select two crafting guilds to create two types of materials and two gathering guilds to create two types goods. For example, the Fish Network guild lets you craft fish materials. To make a good income, you have to know which crafted products are in high demand, and you need to keep track of them, because the market demand is protean, and the price is fluctuant with the market.

3. Farming Blade & Soul Gold by Auction House

The auction house plays an important role in the game, and you can sell the crafts and materials that you have acquired in dungeons to the market. You can resell weapons or items to other players across your region, since the auction house is cross-server.

4. Choose Reliable Store Buy Blade & Soul Gold

Gold plays an important role in Blade and Soul because there are so many contents & items that we need and they can only be obtained by gold. If you don't want to waste money and time to grind BNS Gold, would be your best choice to buy Blade & Soul Gold with the cheapest price!