Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows is Now Live

Date: 2019-09-19 13:56:38

Draw your arrow and take aim…the new Zen Archer class is coming to Blade & Soul!
The time has come for you to let loose a flurry of sharpened destruction on your enemies as the new Zen Archer class in the Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows update!  In addition to the new class, experience new Legendary items, a new in-game event, a new Dungeon and Raid, and much more!

Before diving into finer details of the update, check out our Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows Preview Stream as we take a tour through some of the new content.

New Zen Archer Class

The Zen Archer is a bow-wielding, long-ranged DPS class unique to the Yun and Jin races. Seeking balance and control as they own the battlefield, they are ready to bring down a barrage of destruction on their enemies unlike any other warrior.

New Legendary Weapons
Unleash the devastating Thornbreaker on your foes as its power becomes further unlocked, or take hold of either the new Lionroar or Wingsong weapons to pummel your opponents.

New Dungeon and Raid

Cathedra Cliffs

6-player Heroic Dungeon
Recommended for level 60 HM 21 or higher
Available in Easy and Hard modes
A call for help from your allies, the Khashabi tribe, leads you on a journey to the mysterious caverns found at the Cathedra Cliffs to recover a sacred relic from the fearsome Avamar clan. Enter this new dungeon to face off against their oppressive warlord in a battle to the death as you seek to reacquire this powerful artifact for the Khashabi.

Throne of Oblivion

12-player Raid
Recommended for level 60 HM 17 or higher
The twisted spirit of the Grand Celestial Emperor still lingers in the Emperor's Tomb. Sending his spirit back to the shadows may be the only way for the restless souls of his victims to pass on to the light. Join this new 12-party raid to confront the deadly Shadow Emperor.

New Items and Systems Updates

Blade & Soul 6.0 Patch Notes
Content and Events
The Zen Archer class is now available for Yun and Jin.
The maximum number of character slots has been increased from 11 to 12
A new heroic dungeon, Cathedra Cliffs, is now available.
A new raid, Throne of Oblivion, is now available.
The Radiant Challenge Event is now available.
New Weapons, Bracelets, Pet Aura, and Splendor Stones are now available.