Asphalt 9: Legends Guide, How to Farm Asphalt 9: Legends Credits?

Date: 2019-06-10 00:56:58

Super cars can help you to get close to victory, but cars aren't free, especially the kind of super fast rides you drive in Asphalt 9: Legends. So, you need credits to unlock new cars. Do you want to figure out the best ways to farm Asphalt 9: Legends Credits? In the following, you will get the solutions.

What is Asphalt 9: Legends Credits?

Asphalt 9: Legends Credits are the important currency in Asphalt 9: Legends, which are needed for every performance upgrade you make to any car.

How to spend Credits wisely?

I know it's very tempting to have Blueprints available for credits in the Legend Store. Especially if you do not have many Credits do not buy blueprints with all your credits that you can get from daily events. Just to be patient. Why spending now Credits for blueprints that you can get anyway in Daily Events. For example a Class D Car needs 400.000 Credits to full upgrade but a 6 Star Class S Car needs 14.000.000 Credits to full upgrade.

How to get free credits in Asphalt 9: Legends?

Check out the Daily Events tab and see what races are being offered. Events reset at midnight GMT every day, and many of them are for blueprints of some sort. However, there are a few that are run specifically for credits, and you can replay those several times to try for faster times to earn even more credits.

Look for Race Goals in My Career seasons. You get extra Credits for every Season Flag you earn once. If you earn enough Season Flags you unlock more Races and extra Credits to collect. You can also farm the same Race which you are able to do over and over again. To see what Races gives the most Credits depending on your career progress and Route check the link below. Career race farm can be easy done with touch drive the relaxed way.

The easiest and fastest way to get credits

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