How to Earn Gold Bars & How to Get Blueprints in LifeAfter

Date: 2019-06-10 08:49:54

LifeAfter is a survival mobile game, and loved by millions of people. Players always want to figure out some tips of Life After for that they want to play well with this gameplay. Today, we are going to share tips for how to earn gold bars and get blueprints in LifeAfter.

How to get blueprints in Life After?

Blueprints are used for researching new items, you can obtain them by weekly/limited events are represented by the icon you can see on your screen that looks like a cluster of balloons. When you click on that tab you'll see the dates that the event is running. The events will give you tasks, which you can complete and then exchange for rewards. The rewards are resources, which can, in turn, be used to purchase blueprints. Players are limited to four blueprints per day. On the other hand, you can purchase blueprints from the shop. You can complete book tabs to accumulate blueprints.

How to earn gold bars in LifeAfter?

To earn thousands of gold bar easily, you need to have a co-op partner. As you already know there are a lot of locked boxes in Sandcastle, Farstar City, and Miska University. Visit these zones and follow this trick. The trick to earn gold bars is that one of you should lure the zombies away from the box, while the other one quickly loots the box and collect rare items. Only go to Miska University if you are sure you can lure the infected.

This sounds obvious but a lot of people forget about daily missions. You can play daily missions in different zones as soon as you unlock them. You can get gold from every single zone in one day. So if you have five zones unlocked then you can get gold from daily missions five times. Daily missions can vary between several things. From hunting animals and zombies to chopping trees or gathering stones. And once you finish the last mission you will get five hundred gold bars.

And trading is one of the way to get Life After gold bars. You can sell the rare guns and items in the trade city or central market's trade stall. Many players sell rare guns, rare items and armors, and earn huge amount of gold bars.

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