Albion Online Guide: How to Get AO Silver

Date: 2019-07-04 00:57:09

Albion Online Guide: How to get AO Silver, Buy cheap albion online silver from

Silver is the essential currency of the medieval fantasy MMORPG Albion Online (AO), with which you can do pretty much anything, from repairing your gear, buying items from the market, even attacking your enemies, etc. Since Albion Online (AO) Silver plays such an important role, obtaining Albion Online Silver becomes very important. Now we'd like to share some useful tips for using AO Silver for your gameplay.

The first method is to make a profit from the difference by trading in the market. The market allows you to trade regularly with other players and you can get silver in this way. The price of some goods is flexible, that's the point of this approach. The variability assessed is what you search for and where you find your profits. In my opinion, this approach is mainly aimed at advanced players. To be honest, you have to know the exact price of a particular item. Sometimes the spread you make is small, so you need to have a good understanding of the whole thing.

The second way: try to improve your productivity. It takes more time and effort to make, because you need to get enough experience to start making, so you can sell more and more stuff. However, this requires you to work hard to improve your production ability in the first place. While it may be tedious at first, it will soon accumulate enough to make you a tidy sum of money. Handmade is just one of the things you need to keep working on, because once you make enough progress in this area, you will make Albion Online Silver. When you see the Albion Online (AO) Silver in front of you, do you still complain?

The third way: fight in Dungeons. Dungeons are perhaps one of the easiest ways of gaining Silver in the world of Albion. Killing any humanoid mob will result in them dropping a small pile of Silver for you to pick up. With mob density being the highest in dungeons, this is an excellent place to start! Depending on what tier dungeon or zone you are in and what tier mobs you are killing, you'll receive anywhere from a few to a few thousand Silver!

The forth way to get rich in Albion Online is the most risky. Getting a few friends together and running around ganking players in Red or Black zones can be very profitable. It only takes one lucky haul to bring in millions of silver, but you could also end up dead every time you venture out.

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