Township Guide: How to Play Township and Build a Dream Town

Date: 2019-06-13 00:42:19

Township is a town-run game where players will manage a town. Players are required to contribute to the development of the town, to beautify the urban environment, to build a factory for the development of the town, to build a house for the life of the town, and then to have a series of traffic at the train station and the airport.

This game is more realistic, and every time the town is enlarged, there will be some citizens staying. If you are in the game interface, you can see that the citizens are playing games, walking dogs, teasing, talking, and so on.

The development of a town is inseparable from crops, so how to grow crops. First click on the farmland, then select the crops to be planted and plant them. After planting, it takes a while for the crop to mature, and the time required for different crops is different. Wheat is the shortest time. (If you click on the crop again after planting it, there will be harvest time).

We can feed poultry and livestock while waiting for the crop to mature. Feeding poultry and livestock first, they will have products. With the product, you can make other items. For example, when making cheese, you must need milk. When making cakes, you must need wheat and eggs.

The harvested wheat can be used as a raw material for other foods. Let's build a factory. When building, you can choose where to place the building. Choosing the right place saves both the location and makes it looks more beautiful. After selecting the location, you need to wait a while to complete the construction, and then you can click on the factory to produce the food.

The plane is used to transport the goods, the order can be seen by clicking on the plane, and then we click on the order to send. Then the plane will go to the delivery, we can wait until the money comes back at home.

Every inch of land in the Township needs to be built by the player. What kind of homes the player wants to have can be built with his own hard work. As long as the player is willing, you can make your own town into your own Orgrimmar. The biggest advantage of the game is that when we find that we have made mistakes in the process of construction, we can push it back. Every time we come back is a purification of our own soul. The reality will not give us such an opportunity, but in "Dream Town", we can feel the epiphany of the reincarnation of the world according to our own wishes.