Tips You Should Know on How to Earn Homescapes Coins

Date: 2019-06-14 08:47:25

Homescapes Coins play an important role in this gamepaly, which can be used to buy items boosters or buy more lives to continue playing the game. Coins are also used to buy decorations in the house. As it is so important that they can influence the process of the game, so, players may want to figure out how to farm coins. Here, you can find the tips, strategies, guide on how to earn Homescapes Coins.

The best way on how to earn more coins in Homescapes is to complete the puzzles in fewer moves. In Homescapes, you only have limited moves per level. If you lose all the moves and yet the goal is not yet reached, the game will come to a quick end and you will also lose a life. However, if you are clever and skillful enough to clear your goals in just few moves, you will earn bigger bonuses in return. The amount of coins you earn per level depends on how much moves you did not consume. Therefore, the fastest you solve a puzzle, the better.

You can also earn 1,000 bonus coins by connecting Homescapes to your Facebook account, thus giving you the ability to play with your friends. Additionally, be sure to login every day and play through the game to earn coin bonuses. The more coins you earn, the easier it'll be to swap furniture, buy Boosters, and progress through Homescapes.

The tasks that Austin housekeeper gives you in the game's menu often has to spend a certain amount of stars to complete. Although the game does not list any rewards that you will receive when completing the quest, you will still receive some gifts when completed. Example: After completing many tasks related to restoration of the statue in the main hall of the house, the artist who helped me gave me 500 coins as my contribution to him writing. These rewards are often displayed in character chats, and if you see a message box on the right side of the screen, open it and receive it.

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