The Division 2's 8-player raid Operation Dark Hours: the Winner will be immortalized in a Portrait Inside of the White House Base

Date: 2019-05-17 01:06:09

The Division 2's 8-player raid Operation Dark Hours is finally confirmed to meet us at 0:00 on May 17. This time, a team of eight players must stop the Black Tusks faction from flying in reinforcements at the Washington National Airport.

Operation Dark Hours pits eight players together for the first time in the history of the franchise to experience the most challenging activity available in The Division 2. Here, teamwork, collaboration, and adaptation will be tested and above all, rewarded.

Focus 1: the first 8-player raid ever, the toughest challenge so far

According to Ubisoft officially, 8-player raid Operation Dark Hours will be The Division 2's toughest challenge to date. This time, the Black Tusks will be more advanced than the level of technology we faced with the enemy. Therefore, this time eight people will have higher requirements for the teamwork and personal ability of the agents. Of course, high challenges naturally have high returns. This raid will reward the player's unique loot, such as new packs, exotic weapons and other unique rewards.

But Because it’s so challenging, Ubisoft put in strict requirements for playing: your character has to be at the World Tier 5 level and you must’ve previously completed the Tidal Basin stronghold mission.

Focus 2: the challenge passage opens globally; the No.1 team's photo will appear permanently in the White House

In addition to the substantial equipment rewards, this Operation Dark Hours will also provide players with unprecedented honors. When Operation Dark Hours is online, the world's first pass challenge will begin simultaneously. The first team will be "inscribed" in the game forever. The character image and name of the team members will be presented in the White House of Block 2, and all players will witness this glorious moment.

Other players who pass the Operation Dark Hours clearance from May 17th to May 23rd will receive a commemorative armband. Players who complete the game after this period will receive a team flag icon and a trophy in the team space.

Operation Dark Hours is around the corner. Do you expect to know who will be the first to overcome its challenges? If you want to know the results, please follow our Operation Dark Hours News.