Rocket League's Roadmap for fall 2019

Date: 2019-07-30 09:09:32

The Competitive Season 12 and Rocket Pass 3 of Rocket League will begin on August 27th, which will bring new cars and Roadmap for fall

Psyonix did not drop bombs so much this news update, but did talk about a lot of cool quality of life enhancements coming to the game. The big updates (party up system, inventory management fixes, and trading updates) are not finished, but are still expected for late 2019.

The next season's rewards will be revealed by the developers a bit closer to the end of this current season. Like previous seasons, players will find rewards for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, and Grand Champion ranks, as well as a unique Extra Mode Grand Champion ranks which are returning from past seasons.

When Season 11 ends, it will usher in Competitive Season 12, too. This means that from a certain point on August 27, you will likely need to play through ten competitive games again in order to find your starting rank for the upcoming Season. Time to build up that Rocket League MMR and get yourselves propelled up the rankings in time for those rewards.

Rocket League has been one of the most successful titles for Psyonix. So much so that the studio was acquired by Epic Games back in early May. Radical Summer is one of the biggest content drops in some time, offering players a new mode based on Ghostbusters, as well as cosmetic items, and a map. The title has garnered a dedicate community, and it's one of the first to support full crossplay on every platform.

As for the plans farther down the road, here's what's included in the fall 2019 Roadmap:

1. New Stats: two new stats are being added to all game modes. "High Five" and "Low Five".  Also, Hoops is getting its own new stat named "Swish". If you score without the ball touching the rim, you will achieve Swish.

2. New and improved tournaments: This is for those who just want to compete.

3. Return of Haunted Hallows has not been announced yet.

We're also told that in the next Rocket Pass, weekly challenges won't expire. New challenges will be added every week, but you'll have until the end of the pass to complete them.

That is the guide of Rocket League's Roadmap for fall 2019, if you want to find out Rocket League Guide: How to get Crates & Free Decryptors, you can also come to for help.