NBA 2K19: Houston Rockets Tactics Analysis

Date: 2019-05-14 09:36:33

After Paul joined last season, this team, as its name, flew into the sky, the first regular score in the league, and in the case of Paul injured in the Western Conference finals, still played against the final champion Golden State Warriors seven games. Only the danger is lost. Therefore, after successfully leaving Paul and Capella and signing "Melon" Anthony, this "big butt" team is regarded by everyone as one of the teams that can overcome the "Cosmic Courage" and let the majority Rockets fans are full of confidence in the future.

But at the beginning of the season, the Rockets have struggled: the lack of Ariza, Ba Mote, the defensive quality of the strike line plummeted, Paul and Gordon's decline, can no longer be a very threatening offensive point.

Although it seems that the problem has been alleviated: the combination of "Ennis + House" has become the main force of the Rockets' front line defense; signed the continuous explosion of Little Rivers and Harden, and also gave a shot to the guard line. .

In the NBA 2K19, it also responded to the undulating state of the Rockets: adjusting the Rockets' tactical board and lowering the ability of some players. Today, we are going to introduce Team tactic analysis.

The Rockets have started to play the defensive tactics of unlimited defense this season, while the offensive end is a series of simple tactics of simple singles + pick-and-roll. NBA 2K national champion has been summed up the Rockets' tactics as "phc&smoking", that is, Paul, Harden, Capella singles or pick-and-roll, others will smoke next to the station.


The bottom corner ambush the player, two players on one side cross pulled out the small space, and the center came up to pick and roll Paul. Paul can take the opportunity to pass the air to the center of the cut, or with the excellent breakthrough ability to reach the inside, complete the end; if you encounter the defense, you can share a three-pointer to the player in the corner.


Three players pulled to the other side of the court to open the space, the inside players at the bottom corner pulled up to pick and play for Harden, forming a chance for Harden to miss the inside line or directly into the basket. This kind of opportunity, for Harden, is a piece of cake.


The starting position is the same as the previous tactic (this can deceive the opponent to a certain extent). At this time, the center came to the top of the arc to make a fake pick-and-roll for Paul. In fact, he ran to the right to make a ball-free pick-and-roll for Harden. Pulled a three-point vacancy for Harden.