How to Get Vouchers in Arena of Valor & How to Unlock New Heroes

Date: 2019-06-06 00:55:21

How to Get Vouchers in Arena of Valor?

There are three kinds of currencies in Arena of Valor, including gold, Gems and Vouchers. Today, we're going to list a way to get Arena of Valor vouchers, which can be used to buy special skins, lottery tickets, or coveted heroes like Batman or Lumburr.

They are the special in-game currency, which cannot be earned in the game and can only be bought with real money. There are lot of equipment that can be bought with Vouchers, which includes special Heroes, skins, special gear, Gold and experience boosting cards. They can also be used to change the name of your account or change your existing guild.

So, the easiest and fastest way to get vouchers is purchasing Arena of Valor Vouchers via reliable game store With our best and cheap AoV Vouchers, get special skins, lottery tickets, or coveted heroes and become the key player in each mission. We know how to make your character unstoppable and get you maximum joy from every game!

How to Unlock New Heroes in Arena of Valor?

The easiest and least painful route to getting new heroes is the Road of Glory. This mechanic rewards players with a character for finishing three different games a day. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose these games, as long as you see them through till the end. Road of Glory also counts any of Casual or Ranked Match game modes. However, Custom matches, bot matches, and any game that you are not participating in will be voided.

You can see what hero is being offered by going to the menu and tapping the Road of Glory icon in the bottom right. This will open up a menu that showcases which character you can earn today and how close you are to unlocking this hero. Here are all of the heroes you can obtain by simply completing the Road of Glory:

Mina – Tank

Mganga – Support / Mage

Lu Bu – Warrior

Zanis – Warrior

Slimz – Marksman

Yorn – Marksman

Gildur – Tank / Mage

Lumburr – Support / Tank

Krixi – Mage

Kahlii – Mage

Grakk – Tank / Mage

Ormarr – Warrior / Tank

That's the guide for getting Vouchers in Arena of Valor & unlocking new heroes. Do you get these tips? If your answer is yes, why not try these tips and equip yourself with unlimited Vouchers and powerful heroes?