Beginner’s Guide: How to Level up Quickly in Anthem

Date: 2019-04-30 00:59:58

Since the beta version of the "Anthem" Android version has been opened, the player's enthusiasm is far beyond imagination. The number of online users has repeatedly broken records. The servers are full and the new servers are added. After the new service is opened, how can it be upgraded with the least amount of energy, which is a concern for players in each new area. The following is some systematic analysis of the experience gained in the game, hope the strategy can do a great help for you.

There are two ways to gain experience in Anthem:

First, the task of fixed experience - the main line tasks of each level and a part of rewarding fixed daily tasks. The experience of these tasks will never change, and will not change because of the level. We go online every day. The first thing is to complete these tasks first and raise the characters to the highest level you can reach the day.

Second, non-fixed experience tasks - including rewards, abyss, copy and so on. The experience gained from these behaviors is variable, and some increase as the level rises. The higher the level you make, the more experience you get, and the more you decide the experience from the outcome of your battle.

The reward task is one of the most important sources of experience in the game. The tasks are divided into five levels according to the quality from high to low: orange, purple, blue, green and white. Orange mission experience is the highest, the current level 1200, purple blue green white magnification It is 800, 600, 400, 200 in order. Therefore, after logging in to the game every day, you must first do the task as soon as possible, let the level reach the final high level that can be reached on the day, and then go to clear the reward task. In addition, the reward task is to brush every half hour. Everyone should try to control the rhythm of the task. Don't be too picky. Just want to pick up the orange task. As a result, there are still dozens of brushes left when you go to sleep. Therefore, the free refresh twice a day is left as far as possible and can be used at the end, which can largely avoid waste. If necessary, drill the drill and the speed will be much faster.

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